Connecting Ostomates

I’ve mentioned before how this blog, social media and the internet in general have connected me to some of the most inspiring people, facing all sorts of adversity including IBD and ostomies. In August, my new contact and friend, Christine published an article on her website Ostomy Connection. The article was entitled “5 Ostomy Blogs You’ll Want to Start Following.” As I clicked on the link I was not expecting my name to be mentioned, let alone along with the 4 other bloggers who I myself admire. I did not consider IBD Baggage Claim to be up to caliber as these other blogs written by talented advocates. I was honestly humbled yet very proud my little project was gaining some recognition.

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Discrimination: Part 2

On my way home from Nashville I still felt a little defeated about the ostomy. A quick (but actually rather long) stop at a gas station proved why having that purse with ostomy supplies was 100% necessary as my sister and I changed my appliance in a bathroom stall (all while muttering “wtf has my life come to?”) Due to high humidity and an excessive amount of sweat, the Eakin rings were warped and the appliance was having a hard time adhering to my skin. But that’s besides the point…

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Nissan Stadium Bag Policy: Part 1

Before I begin this post I want to make it clear that I can recognize and appreciate the sensitive nature of the word discrimination and in no way do I equate my circumstances with anyone dealing with this on a day to day. I acknowledge my privilege of being an able bodied, white, straight, middle class female who is not part of any visible minority. I can also understand the timing of this post in light of recent world events and again, do not equate my situation to the severity of a larger discriminated population. But I think it’s important to talk about this sort of incident and reflect on it, learn from it, and start a greater dialogue. So please, bare with me, with an open mind, and stay tuned for Part 2 of this post.

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