First of all: Look. At. My. Hair!

It’s taken a whole year to grow out this fro and I treat every strand like a piece of hard earned property.

(See:  Losing My Hair )

As devastating as it was to loose it all, how many women get the opportunity to regrow their hair? To let those dead, fried and dyed hairs go and welcome healthy, thick and curly new ones? Not many. So I treat them as kindly as possible with minimal heat, product and strain. And they’re coming back with a vengeance full of volume, curl and life.

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Tell Us How You Really Feel

“How are you feeling about all of this?”

This is the question that I keep hearing. And I don’t know that I’ve given an adequate answer even once. The truth is that how I’m feeling about this approaching surgery is so complex that I cannot possibly detail my emotions over a text message or in passing at work. To divulge sufficient details of my emotions requires time, attention, and response. Enough of such that I seem to only be able to disclose them through the comfort of my laptop. Continue reading “Tell Us How You Really Feel”