Connecting Ostomates

I’ve mentioned before how this blog, social media and the internet in general have connected me to some of the most inspiring people, facing all sorts of adversity including IBD and ostomies. In August, my new contact and friend, Christine published an article on her website Ostomy Connection. The article was entitled “5 Ostomy Blogs You’ll Want to Start Following.” As I clicked on the link I was not expecting my name to be mentioned, let alone along with the 4 other bloggers who I myself admire. I did not consider IBD Baggage Claim to be up to caliber as these other blogs written by talented advocates. I was honestly humbled yet very proud my little project was gaining some recognition.

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Canadian Thanksgiving just passed and I didn’t post anything on any of my social media platforms, (which seems to be the norm for expressing your thanks.) The truth is after arriving home Friday night, I was in a really low spot. I should have been thrilled to be let out just in time for the holiday. But in reality I was feeling overwhelmed and defeated after what felt like an eternity spent at Mount Sinai. I spent the weekend relaxing with family and (thankfully) eating small portions of turkey and potatoes. But I wasn’t in a good spot. Thanksgiving normally is my all time favourite holiday. Better than Christmas. But this year I was so consumed by emotions that I didn’t even know where to begin expressing what I was thankful for.
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