Birthday Bust

One day out of the hospital may have not been the best idea. I spent my birthday curled up on the couch in agony, waiting for the painkillers to kick in. I doubled my dose by the afternoon hoping I would just fall asleep, relieving me of the misery that my stomach was giving me. After eating my special birthday breakfast made by Bella, it seems like the pain and cramping just continued to get worse throughout the day and I was not doing so hot.

Around 5:00 pm I questioned whether or not I should be going back to the hospital. I promised myself that if I made a turn for the worse and started vomiting, that would be a sign I should go. In the mean time, I would stick it out through the night and call my surgeon’s office in the morning.

By 7:00 pm I was in tears, bent over on the couch. And sure enough, I started vomiting. A lot. My mom phoned Mount Sinai and they said if I could get there, that would be ideal. If not, go to Southlake. I decided there was no way I was sitting on the 404 in traffic while I’m vomiting this much that we should go to Southlake. My previous surgeon was there, my GI was there, and regardless if my case was there, they are still doctors and would treat me accordingly. Perhaps they could admit me and treat my pain until the next day when they could send an order for my file at Sinai. Wrong. The triage nurse (very rudely) told us to go to Sinai. So off we went.

Now, the emergency room in Toronto is not the same as an emergency room in Newmarket. Filled with police, assault victims and drug addicts, I sat in Mount Sinai’s emergency room with the triage nurse. I explained what was going on and they got me all registered. Then I started vomiting again and I could see the concern on the faces of all the triage nurses. They were quick to hook me up to an IV and make me lie down. They eventually moved me to a small room where I could sleep on and off, if I wasn’t too disturbed by the crazies causing all sorts of scenes.

In the morning we did X-Rays and a CT scan. My surgical team came to visit me in the ER and said I absolutely needed to be admitted and it turns out I definitely have a blockage. I guess my birthday breakfast had nowhere to exit, so that’s why it came back up. My surgeon said that we’ll just have to wait and see how the swelling heals on its own. In the meantime, we’re going to use a dye and X-Ray test to see how the J-Pouch is healing. If the blockage does not improve, and I cannot eat normal food, we’re going to consider doing the reversal third surgery early. Instead of having a surgical procedure to fix the blockage, we might as well just remove the stoma, provided the JPouch is ready.

So that’s where we’re at. I woke up back on my 14th floor (still in isolation) just waiting. I’m allowed to reintroduce food again to see if I can tolerate it. In the mean time I wait. Story of my life.

Keep in mind I still have a positive attitude and I’m okay. Just hanging in there.

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  1. Stacy- I’m so sorry your back in the hospital, but glad your okay. I’ve been keeping up with your posts and your honesty is inspiring! Get better soon


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