My Gutsy Dad

Being a Gutsy Dad brings parenting to a whole new level. How a Dad can possible relate to a 26 year old daughter who shits her pants every day is way beyond me. But somehow I got lucky enough to have the most understanding, empathetic and caring Dad who teaches me grace and shows pride in me everyday. He puts up with way more than an average stay at home child and deserves a medal for showing complete understanding.

Being a parent of a sick child is difficult enough. But this particular disease takes a special kind of parent. A parent who can deal with blood, sweat, tears and poop. Nothing can prepare you for the hand you get dealt; you just raise it, with love.

Being a Gutsy Dad means:

  • Listening to me talk about my bowel movements
  • Making me meals and attempting to accommodate gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, egg-free and added ingredients like flax seed or pumpkin protein
  • Learning to pronounce quinoa and not “Quizno’s”
  • Cleaning out cupboard space for 20+ bottles of vitamins and medications
  • Paying for parking at the hospital every day, including preparing to pay for hospital parking at Mount Sinai.
  • Sitting in emergency with me while I wait for a bed, listening to questions from doctors like “How many bowel movements have you had today?” and “Could you be pregnant?” And explanations as to why I don’t have a menstrual cycle.
  • Watching playoff basketball on a 12 inch TV in an isolated hospital room with gloves and a gown on
  • Watching me go to bed every night at 8:30
  • Maintaining a clean washroom and buying excessive amounts of toilet paper
  • Subtly leaving a garbage bag outside the washroom after you’re pretty sure I’ve had an accident
  • Reading my blog that reveals way TMI for a Dad
  • Allowing my recovery puppy come over whenever I want
  • Participating and donating to the Gutsy Walk
  • Putting up with my ostomy supplies everywhere
  • Listening to me cry about fertility issues
  • Letting me live at home until I am fully recovered. And taking care of me during the process
  • Ensuring me I will find someone who loves me despite my baggage
  • Carrying the weight of a heavy heart
  • Being strong
  • Being sensitive
  • Being a Dad

I see a lot of qualities in myself that I got from my Dad. My humour during a shitty year comes from him and that’s one of the main things that has gotten me through. He’s allowed me to laugh and cry, and show humility while showing strength. He reminds me that he is proud of me and this will all be over. This is a blip in the grand scheme. And I am thankful for him.

Happy Father’s Day Big Guy. And Happy Father’s Day to all Gutsy Dad’s