Reasons Why an Ileostomy is a GOOD Thing

After my last sombre post I figured I should get back on track with the positivity train and explain why an ileostomy is good and all the benefits I’m going to reap.

  • I wont shit my pants or come close to it anymore. There it is. Straight up the #1 reason why having an ileostomy is going to be great.
  • Being able to work again. Not only will I be able to stop taking sick days but I will be able to work to my full potential with enthusiasm and creativity, making learning enjoyable for my kids
  • My energy level will improve. I’m so excited to be able to stop cancelling plans, get out of bed, and take on life
  • My iron level will go up. This will be part of the reason why my energy will improve but it will also make my hair stop fall out and grow back, help my muscles relax, my skin colour improve etc.
  • I (hopefully) will be able to have a regular diet again
  • I wont be a frequent visitor to the hospital, which interrupts my life.
  • Pain, nausea and stomach cramps will be no more. Having something so sick inside of you just makes you feel gross. By removing the inflamed colon I will have a general overall feeling of better.
  • I will get a decent sleep. Nothing sucks more than waking up 7 times a night to run to the washroom only to be woken up for an 8th time as soon as I settle down again.
  • Writing material. It’s all good for the sake of the blog.