8 Ostomy Products I Can’t Live Without

Tucked under the bathroom sink is a Tupperwear bin full of ostomy products that I use weekly. Over the past year and a half I’ve accumulated various brands, accessories, models and products I’ve either bought or have been given.  I finally have sorted through what works best for me, and this particular stoma, and am ready to share my wisdom.

(Keep in mind all of these reviews are based on my own experience, opinion and medical circumstances and I neither advise nor recommend these products without proper medical input.)

1.) Pouch:  (OBVIOUSLY) I currently use the SenSura Click Mio (drainable) from Coloplast. I use the drainable ones so I can use the same pouch throughout the week and simply empty it from the velcro bottom during the day. The pouch itself is easy to clean, the material doesn’t wear down (unlike Hollister) and I find is firm enough to stay in place under my clothes. Pancaking is minimal with these pouches

2.) Flange: (OBVIOUSLY) To accompany said pouch, I use the SenSura Click baseplate from Coloplast. When I had my end ileostomy it lay very flush to my skin and I used a convex baseplate which made the WORLD of difference. However this loop ileostomy isn’t in so much in need of the convexity and I save on money using a flat baseplate.

I’ve also used the flex baseplate and pouch as well from Coloplast which works just fine, however the Click makes it possible to maneuver the pouch into various positions which helps while wearing a support belt.

I also buy cut-to-fit baseplates. A lot of people buy pre-cut and I’m sure it saves them a lot of time and hassle. However I buy the cut-to-fit so I can ensure I’m cutting the baseplate specifically how I like it, to my unique shape of my stoma. Maybe I’m crazy, I don’t know.

3.) Barrier Ring: I ALWAYS use an Eakin Seal Barrier Ring by ConvaTec. It provides that extra seal around opening for my stoma. I may not need them as much as I did before with the convex baseplates however for my own piece of mind, I need that extra seal. I tried Coloplast’s or Hollister and had bad, itchy skin reactions to both so I think I’ll stick with old faithful.

4.) Adhesive Remover: Ugh my life saver! I use the Brava Adhesive Wipes from Coloplast. They are phenomenal for removing that sticky glue as well as the excessive barrier seal left over when I change my appliance. They are also very handy for any hospital visits when you need an IV of blood work done and there is tape all over your arms

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5.) Powder: I use Brava Powder by Coloplast OR the Adapt Stoma Powder from Hollister. Either one works fine for me. Although I don’t have many leaks anymore (I used to have my fair share) I still use a tiny bit right around the edge of my stoma. The powder absorbs any moisture from the open wound. The baseplates won’t stick if there is any moisture so it’s very important to keep the area dry. I apply it liberally and then blow it all off so there’s only a thin layer.

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6.) Film Barrier: Currently I use 3M Cavilon No-Sting Film Barrier wipes. The spray works just as effectively but I usually only use the spray when there is a larger area of irritated skin to apply it to. I apply it on top of the stoma powder and it creates a dry, film on top which makes it easier to apply the baseplate, while leaving the powder on the wound.

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7.) Barrier Strips: The best! I prefer the Brava Elastic Barrier Strips from Coloplast. I apply them around the edges of the baseplate which prevents them from lifting off my skin. They’re also fantastic in case there is ever a leak, it provides that much more of a barrier for any stool seeping past.

8.) Scissors: I used straight scissors for months before a nurse gave me a pair of Coloplast’s curved ostomy scissors. They make the world of difference cutting a circular shape in the baseplate. These particular ones are sharp and allow for a smooth edge with is important on my skin/stoma.

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Okay there it is! I hope this provides some insight for anyone struggling to find what products work for them. I worked a lot with my nurses to come up with these 8 and it took a lot of trial and error but now I’m pretty regiment un my routine. I am not formally endorsing these product for financial gain, I genuinely believe in them!

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