Watch Me

I often write in practice of reflection from my past events. I examine my circumstances and try to analyze and decipher what the universe has thrown my way, and how it has shaped me. And I often get caught in this rut of how robbed I feel of the past two years. Of how my goals and ambition were stripped from me as I was forced to take a step back and solely focus on my health.

But as my next (and hopefully final) surgery draws closer, I feel excited! I feel that motivation creeping back into my life and that drive to make and meet goals is lingering inside of me. And not just goals, but celebrations, new beginnings and health all persistent in that light at the end of the tunnel. Career, independence, travel, education. It’s near.

I feel like the universe has kicked me down so many times and somehow I’ve gotten up thus far. And I’m about to kick its ass. Oh you’re going to give me infection, after surgery, after malnutrition, after blood loss, after inflammation? Oh you’re going to take my hair, my energy, my school, my confidence, my COLON? Well I’m coming back. Watch me.

#2017 (LOL)