A Pouch and a Pooch: Life with Finley

Finley is 1!

On September 23rd 2015 I had the best surprise of my life. In an effort to help with my upcoming recovery, and as a present for my 26th birthday, my family surprised me with a little fluffly marshmallow only 9 weeks old. In probably one of the happiest moments of my life, this little button was handed over to me and she would be by my side for what has arguably been the second most difficult year I’ve ever experienced.


Finley is a happy, energetic cuddle monster whose favourite thing to do is to sit on your lap and lick your nose. She LOVES being outside and chasing butterflies. Finley is perfectly happy playing with an old water bottle, while our frequent trips to the dog park are for the sole purpose of her meeting new people.

I write this sitting outside while Finley sits under my chair, careful not to wander too far away in the backyard. Thanks to her true master Michelle, she knows how to dance, roll over, give high fives and pretend to die after being “shot.” This smart girl is loveable, loyal and silly.

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Raising a puppy has also not come without tribulation. She was a little nippy bugger who could not stop chewing on your hands while she was teething. She often barks and jumps when she’s excited and if you turn your back she is likely going to drink from your cup. She will often tease you when you try to get her to come and run the opposite way, and her all time favourite thing to eat is brand new underwear….We’re still working on some things.

Animal therapy is thought to be an effective way to aid in recovery and well being of medical patients. Although Finley is not a licensed therapy dog or actually trained in medical treatment, she has brought me so much enjoyment and gratification while watching her grow and learn. She has been by my side through it all and has made the last year bearable. She requires me to go outside more, provides a distraction to my scatter brain, and I have developed a new positive attachment to something other than my ostomy. She provides me comfort, happiness and friendship. Finley keeps my secrets and licks my tears up while making me laugh and excited.

People always ask me why I chose the name Finley (especially for a girl) and the truth is I don’t really know. There is no hidden meaning, or reference to the name. Just something I picked off the world wide web. I did however do some research and learned that Finley is Scottish and means “Fair Warrior.” That’s fitting right? Because I’m a warrior too. An IBD Warrior. (And a Huron Heights Warrior?) I’m also pale as fuck so we pretty much match and the name is suited. (LOLOLOL)


Even though I refer to my extra baggage as being a negative quality, Finley is with me for the count and I come with a fur baby. A pouch and a pooch.