A Shifts in Gifts

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. “

I usually pride myself on giving meaningful, and generous gifts. I may be good with written word but I usually struggle to tell my people how much I care, in oral speech. So every year I usually spend too much and search too hard, for gifts that show my thanks and treat my friends and family. However this year was different


Although I never actually have an abundance of money to spend, this year there really wasn’t anything I could stretch. My bank account has been so depleted that I really couldn’t crunch numbers and make it work. There just wasn’t anything left after months of being off work. I’ve had to borrow and swallow my pride as people lent what they could to me. And come time to return the favour, in light of a special gift, I just couldn’t.

So my gifts this year were as generic as a Costco sweater or a framed photo that didn’t cost a lot and didn’t take too much time. And in return, I was absolutely spoiled with too many things. After a year of people taking care of me, putting their own lives on hold and taking time to ensure I was okay; I again was pampered with an abundance of love and material gifts. Which brought me to tears.

Tears poured as I became so upset that I couldn’t reciprocate the generosity. I couldn’t wrap up my love or tie a bow on my gratitude. They just had to know. Family and friends were not able to tear open my appreciation and hold it in their hands, but just had to take my word for it. That’s all I have to offer really: My promise that I am grateful. A simple utterance of thanks is all I can give this year.

So in my best efforts I was able to make Dollar store Giving Plates. They didn’t cost a lot, and didn’t take a lot of time. And most of them were given empty in an effort to display the poem. But I assure you each Giving Plate that I handed out was filled with my love, my affection and my thanks.


After much reassurance I was finally able to accept that the holiday is not about what material things I can give, but what qualities I can offer. I was convinced that these things did not matter by my people lacking presents. And I was able to recognize that this year I can offer my, hugs, laughs, smiles, helping hands, encouraging words, and a grateful heart. I can provide my presence, not presents. And so far it’s been the best yet.

Merry Christmas lovers xo